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SCANDAL; Excite Music「Departure」Interview

In this time’s new song「Departure」, it’s a tune whose studio live footage was shown on 3rd March.

  • HARUNA: Yes. Starting this year, I also had the theatre play (※ “Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu The Fourth Chapter Latter Chapter ‘Clash’”), and the activity between the 4 of us couldn’t quite wait. In that time, the other members created a lot of songs for us but this was just 1 song out of that bunch. In midst of presenting this song, I can say that our activities are once again starting. Since I think this song will be good for our fresh start, we released the studio live footage on 3rd March, which is an really important day for us.

  • RINA: HARUNA had her theatre play till 2nd March but to us, 3rd March had really became an increasingly important day for us. 3rd March was our indies debut, and the first time we (played) at the Osaka-Jo Hall. It’s also the Hina Matsuri / Girl’s Day right. Somehow, in our band story, it’s a day which we feel we’re fated with.

It seems that much of the fan’s voices patched things up.

  • MAMI: There were really a lot of voices awaiting (for this). Up till now, including the coupling (songs), the members haven’t got to personally create and release singles. Since we voiced out saying we want to create this ourselves, many of the fans were elated. The fans were thinking highly of this, knowing how very important it was to us, and to announce this on 3rd March made me / us extremely happy.

The title「Departure」was also really good.

  • TOMOMI: We were really troubled over it at the start, all of us.

  • MAMI: The word “sakura” also popped up in the lyrics of this song, leaving us with the impression of a scenery where sakura flowers bloom so we thought about incorporating the word inside. However, we already had the song「SAKURA Goodbye」(※ Released in year 2009, 2nd single.) Somehow in 1 word, plus the feel of the Japanese melody in this song, an English title would be something new. That’s why we decided to go with this word.

  • HARUNA: Our imagination really puffed up right? The meaning and scene is distinctly presented in our lyrics so when you sing it, you can also feel,「Eh? Don’t I have such experience myself too?」It’s also true that even though Sakura flowers bloom for a short period, it can also be seen as something painful.

  • MAMI: This, it’s really Sakura flowers that you often see along the shopping streets. Coming out from the convenience store, till you lose the florist and the sight around you changes slowly, the Sakura trees are the only thing that always stays there, blooming all at the same time. Yet during the times where the flowers don’t bloom, isn’t it true that it’s so plain that everyone including myself won’t stop for it? With these thoughts and scenes, I think I wrote this with mixed (feelings).

Interview at Excite Music HERE. There’s still 2 more parts (on SCANDAL becoming adults and “It’s not about being in a band, it’s about being in SCANDAL”), which I’ll also do. Will get to it real soon, kindly give me some time~ ♪♫ Enjoy this one.

Edit: Part 2 is over HERE. Part 3 coming right up.


Alice Nine TOUR 2014 Supernova Symphonia STARTED ON April 16 2014.TRAILER

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